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It's already March, yet I haven't finished A Certain Cousins' Christmas Quest! Should I finish it? 

21 deviants said Heck yeah! I wanna see "Cocoa"! The humour was just getting started!
7 deviants said If you want... But, artwork takes priority over literature! I wanna see more Kiwa and Cocoa!
6 deviants said Whatever... It's your dA account... A deviant's gotta do what a deviant's gotta do.
5 deviants said Hell yes! And, don't forget Misplaced Destiny! Finish what you started, you lazy bugger!
4 deviants said Hell no, you idiot! Look how many faves your artworks have compared to your literature! Do the math, Avalancher! You KNOW we aren't gonna read that crap!


ambient-avalancher has started a donation pool!
1,165 / 4,000
OK, let me be honest! Full disclosure! (Actually, I just found out that non-premium deviants can start a donation pool, LOL! Been here at dA for 6 years, and I never knew this!) :rofl:

1. I wanna become a core/premium member so I can make my own polls!

2. I wanna purchase some cool premium stocks and Photoshop stuff here on dA! This may improve my artwork!

3. I wanna be nice and donate to my man SpaceShipEarth and his groups; I could donate points to winners in his groups' contests. (Doesn't mean I will, LOL!)

4. I wanna have some points in case there's some cool artists out here who take points for commissions! Always wanted to see a cool, professional digital painting (like sakimichan or Artgerm) of my Avalancher original characters...

So, there you have it. Transparency, LOL. I'm not gonna pressure anybody to donate; I want this to be a truly voluntary action, LOL! Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

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(This may be edited/updated in the future....)

LOL! You may have noticed some types that aren't standard in Yugioh. So, let me explain them to y'all! NOTE: These "Avalancher cards" and their rulings aren't for official Yugioh duels. They're just made-up and just for fun!

Fun Monster Types

You may have noticed Harlot, Beast-Whore, Fiend-Slut, Robo-Ho, and Divine-Hustler! These are just types like Psychic, Beast-Warrior, Fiend, Machine, and Divine-Beast/Creator God. Nothing special about them in themselves. (I was thinking about making Streetwalker which would rhyme a little with Spellcaster, but I said "Nah, what the hell....") In the future, I might make some card effects designed for these Avalancher types...

Also, you may have noticed the Cougar and Divine-MILF types. Again, there's nothing special about them in themselves, unless you like MILFs and Cougars... In the future, I might make some card effects designed for these Avalancher types...

Runedancer is for dancers (belly dancers, gogo dancers, etc.) and anybody with a whole lot of body jewelry, LOL! Theoretically, their dance rhythms have supernatural/paranormal powers.................

Special Monsters

Remember Gemini, Spirit, and Union? Those are special kinds of effect cards. Well, I made up my own, too, LOL, just for fun!

Courtesan Monsters

LOL, if you know what a courtesan is, you kind of get the idea of a Courtesan Monster. First of all, it's an Effect Monster (duh). Like Union, Spirit, and Gemini, Courtesan is understood to be an Effect type; so, in the card information, the word Courtesan would replace the word Effect. So, a Courtesan Monster's top info would look something like this: "Warrior / Courtesan"! Remember, a Courtesan Monster doesn't HAVE to be a Harlot, Beast-Whore, Fiend-Slut, Robo-Ho, or Divine-Hustler, LOL! It can be any monster type.

Unlike Gemini, Courtesans are treated as Effect Monsters even in the Graveyard, Deck, and your hand. The typical Courtesan would have something like this: "If Normal Summoned/Set, this card is treated as a Normal Monster..." (NOT ALL Courtesans have this effect...) A Courtesan with this effect would be treated as a Normal Monster ONLY on the field! Once it's removed from the field, it's treated as an Effect Monster again. (If it's Courtesan Summoned, it's treated as an Effect Monster since Courtesan Summoning would activate its Courtesan Effect...duh...).

Courtesans usually have a cheap Courtesan Effect that increases ATK/DEF, but sometimes, they can have some cool almost-overpowering effects... In theory, Courtesans have effects like Effect Monsters and the tougher ATK/DEF of Normal Monsters. I guess you could say Courtesans are the "best of both worlds."

Courtesan Summon

Courtesan Monsters CAN be Normal Summoned, but they can be also Courtesan Summoned. Courtesan Monsters MUST be Courtesan Summoned in order to activate their Courtesan Effect. (If you Special Summon them to the field, their Courtesan Effect won't activate, except by another effect...) You may recall that Flip Monsters have "FLIP:" in their descriptions that tell you that they'll activate their Flip effect if Flip Summoned. Likewise, Courtesans have "COURTESAN:" which tells you what Courtesan Effect will activate if they are Courtesan Summoned. Keep in mind, some Courtesans can have a regular effect, a flip effect, and/or a Courtesan Effect at the same time. 

OK, so, how do you Courtesan Summon? Courtesan Monsters are Courtesan Summoned by the process called Solicitation (LOL!). Solicitation is banishing (or removing from play, if you like that term) cards (Spell, Trap, and/or Monster) from your hand. Banished cards used as "tribute" for Solicitation are called Gratuity or Gratuities (LOL, paying gratuity for a courtesan's "service")! Gratuity is sort of like the Courtesan version of Tribute, Fusion Material, Xyz Material, or monsters used for a Ritual Summon. 

Think of it like this, Fusion Monsters use Fusion Materials for "Polymerization" to be Fusion Summoned; well, Courtesan Monsters use Gratuities for Solicitation to be Courtesan Summoned, LOL! I don't know if that helped.....

Anyways, how many cards must be banished in order to Courtesan Summon? The normal Avalancher rule is:

Take the Courtesan's Level and divide it by 2. That's how many Gratuities (cards in your hand to be banished) are required for the Courtesan Summon. Round to the nearest whole number.

For example, "Postal Schoolgirl" is Level 4. How many Gratuities (cards in your hand to be banished) would it take to Courtesan Summon that monster? Take her level (4) and divide it by 2. Therefore, you have to banish 2 cards to Courtesan Summon "Postal Schoolgirl"! Yep, if you had a Level 12 Courtesan, you need 7 cards in your hand (the Courtesan AND the other 6 Gratuities for Solicitation), which goes beyond the standard hand size limit.

Yep, theoretically, Courtesans' levels would have to be even-numbered. However, some card effects like A Legendary Ocean could make a Courtesan's level odd-numbered. In that case, round up, LOL! So, if you had a Level 7 Courtesan, divide 7 by 2. You would banish 3.5 cards in your hand; of course, you can't banish 3.5 cards; so, round 3.5 to the nearest whole number, which is 4. So, for a Level 7 Courtesan, you have to banish 4 cards in your hand...

Some Courtesans require certain types of Gratuity. For example, "Anemone Cyborg Kari" requires at least one card with "Kari" in it's card name. Other Courtesans may require 1 or more Gratuities of a certain card type (Spell, Trap, Monster) or a certain monster type (Machine, Sea Serpent, Fiend-Slut, etc...). As a rule of thumb, the harder it is to Courtesan Summon, the better the Courtesan Effect...

Mercenary Monsters

Unike Courtesan Monsters, Mercenary Monsters can be any monster type (Normal, Effect, Token, Synchro, etc.). Like Tuners, the word Mercenary is thrown somewhere after the monster type like so: "Beast-Whore / Tuner / Mercenary"! The word Mercenary doesn't HAVE to be right after the monster type, as long as it's somewhere in there, LOL, like: "Winged-Beast / Tuner / Effect / Fusion / Mercenary"! (How can a Normal Monster be also a Mercenary? I don't know, LOL. It's just for fun!) Mercenaries usually have cool effects or very high ATK/DEF because they cost so much!

During your Draw Phase, you HAVE to send 1 card in your hand to the Graveyard; if not, the Mercenary will be banished (or removed from play, if you like that term). So, you gotta pay up, LOL! Some Mercenaries require more that 1 card per Draw Phase; if so, it will say in the description... The default is 1 card per Draw Phase.

Sentry Monsters

Sentry Monsters can be Normal, Effect, Token, Synchro, etc. Like Tuners, the word Sentry is thrown somewhere after the monster type like so: "Warrior / Tuner / Sentry"! Like Mercenary, it doesn't matter where Sentry is thrown in, as long as it's thrown in there somewhere, LOL, like so: "Cougar / Effect / Sentry / Xyz"! (How can a Normal Monster be also a Sentry? I don't know, LOL. It's just for fun!) Sentries usually have high DEF for their level, as the name implies.

When a Sentry attacks, it's ATK is calculated against the opposing monster's DEF. When attacked, the opposing monster's ATK is calculated against the Sentry's DEF, even if the Sentry is in attack-position!

For example, "Lakshmi" has 1,600 ATK and 2,000 DEF. If your "Lakshmi" attacked a Normal Summoned attack-position "Postal Schoolgirl" (1,900 ATK and 0 DEF), her 1,600 ATK will be calculated against the schoolgirl's 0 DEF, and your opponent would take 1,600 damage. If "Postal Schoolgirl" attacked your attack-positioned "Lakshmi," the schoolgirl's 1,900 ATK will be calculated against your "Lakshmi's" 2,000 DEF, and "Postal Schoolgirl" will be destroyed, and your opponent would take 100 damage, LOL! Now, suppose "Fairy Streetwalker" (2,100 ATK) attacked your attack-positioned "Lakshmi"; her 2,100 ATK will be calculated against your "Lakshmi," and "Lakshmi" would be destroyed, and you would take 100 damage.

Some Effect Sentry Monsters have special effects if they are put in defense-position...


An Avalanche of Ideas for You!
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